Celebrate Pride With Three Twins Ice Cream’s New Gay Flavors!

In celebration of Pride, much beloved organic ice cream spot, Three Twins Ice Cream, is rolling out a dozen gay-themed flavors that will be served until 10:30 p.m. tonight. Head over to the Lower Haight shop to indulge in some Bear Bait (peanut butter and honey), Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (Pop-Tarts in vanilla ice cream), Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slipper (fruit sorbet and a tiny bit of bourbon), and the very S.F.-centric Hot Cookie, which includes chunks of tasty treats from the Castro’s racy cookie shop of the same name. And, to make your Three Twins stop even sweeter, the venue is selling their pints for $3 (instead of the regular $5) to all folks making an ice-cream purchase. For more on the Pride-worthy flavors, read up on the link below.