Today, In Unbearable Cuteness: Name The Zoo's New Wolf Pups!

Just when we were all set to have another boring Tuesday lunch hour, we get blindsided by insane cuteness — in the form of two maned wolf pups at the National Zoo...who happen to need names.
The four little fellas were born in January and they're beyond adorable — and now you (yes, you!) can vote for your favorite names, for two of them. Since the breed hails from Brazil, the names have a distinctive Portugese ring (Canastra and Estrella are sample options), and while we'd probably choose something like McFuzzball Jr. or Madame Fluffnstuff, we're all about honoring one's heritage. Vote for your favorite names on the zoo's Facebook page and check back on Friday for the results. (DCist)
Photo: Via National Zoo

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