Yucky: The Mr. Marina Competition Hits Town

Oh, the Marina... We admit that the seaside neighborhood is absolutely stunning, but the frat-tastic residents who have pretty much completely co-opted it leave a lot to be desired. Which is why our stomachs started doing backflips when we heard about the supremely scary-sounding Mr. Marina Competition. Yes, you read that right.
SFist tipped us off to the upcoming event, going down Wednesday, May 23, which is summed up on Facebook as the following: "We’re searching for the male specimen who most embodies the spirit of San Francisco’s Marina District: Social, fun-loving, generous, manly… and it doesn’t hurt if he enjoys wearing pastel colors from time to time. Mr. Marina doesn’t necessarily need to live in the 94123, but he does have to embody the neighborhood values."
Um, triple yikes! Plus, add in the fact that there'll be a swimwear competition, "Marina-wear" portion, question and answer, and talent contest (Ed note: Beer pong?? Poppin' collars??) to help determine the winner, and you can bet that we'll keep just about as far away from this event as humanly possible. Unless, that is, we want to go for a giggle.
The ray of light, however, is the fact that each contestant (check out the Abercrombie-inspired lineup here) will be raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. That portion, we can salute. But, we want to ask you: Does the Mr. Marina Competition make you squeel with joy...or fear? We suspect you know which side of the fence we're on.

Photo: Via Ambercrombie & Fitch

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