Do This, Have A Better Day — Yes, It’s That Easy

If your mornings don't run as smoothly as the serene gal in the coffee commercial, you're not alone. Seriously, if only you had the spare time to linger with a cup of Joe while reading the paper before leisurely sauntering into work. Instead, you're scrambling to put yourself together before racing out the door. The worst part is, you probably already feel spent before you've even done anything productive. But what you may not realize, is that this type of chaos will continue to effect your entire day, long after you wolf down that breakfast.
"If the first thing you do in the morning isn’t 100 percent for you, selfishly, then the rest of your day will be spent not doing anything for you," explains Micah Baldwin, founder and CEO of Graphicly. "Find something that is yours, and yours alone." So, whether it's making time to work out, or to prepare and eat a normal breakfast (read: not just a banana on the train), it's all about you, baby. Baldwin suggests the following eight morning "rituals." Pick one (or a few) and start having a better day, stat!
Don't reach for the phone: Baldwin says, "Innocently checking your inbox first thing may put a damper on the rest of your day." Yup, we're talking about stressful work emails, a notice about the bill you forgot to pay, and a calendar reminder for the project you haven't even started. Take back your morning by waiting to address these issues until after you've done something for yourself first.
Visualize your wonderful day ahead: We're all guilty of anticipating the worst instead of expecting the best. Instead, picture yourself accomplishing your goals and having a badass day and it's more likely that you will.
Try bed-friendly yoga: You don't have to be a bonafide yogi to reap the benefits from yoga. Check out these easy poses you can do without leaving the sack.
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