Disorganized? The Must-Have Bag Every Woman Should Own

To the woman with too many bags: This one's for you. Wait — that kinda describes all of us. There's the sack you take to work that holds everything from your lunch to your makeup bag, then there's the clutch filled with essentials for a night out on the town. Let's not forget the weekend warrior that gets you through a day of errands. But playing the old switcheroo game with the contents is exhausting — you're bound to forget something at one point or another. What to do? Instead of running the risk of leaving your wallet or that oh-so necessary tube of lipstick behind, there's a new bag in town that every woman must own.
Two years in the making, local Chicago gal (and self-proclaimed bag lady) Jenny Rossignuolo recently launched a line of functional bags with a name that's super-fun to say: Mooya. The cofounder and owner of interior design studio Urban Source decided to take her designer background to an entirely new level by creating crossbodies, clutches, and totes ($185 to $390) that are architecturally inspired and purposeful.
But we're not just talking about having a few extra zippers and pouches. Each bag has a removable front pocket ($60 to $80 each) that can be switched out, which saves you the stress of having to transfer all of that, um, stuff you're carrying around. And because the pockets come in various designs, it's like owning several different bags in one (hello, space saver!). Rossignulo also worked very hard to ensure that each product was made right here in Chi-Town with environmentally friendly fabrics wherever possible.
"My solution was to create a detachable crossbody pocket bag as an option on the Tote bag," explains Rossignuolo. "When heading out to a meeting, I simply attach my crossbody bag to my tote but detach it when I am not carrying so many things. It also works super-well when travelling. I recently took my tote to London as hand luggage, but once I got to my destination, I was able to remove the crossbody bag for my daytime exploration (and shopping!)."
But actions speak louder than words, so check out this cool vid to see how the Mooya bag works! If you like what you see, check out the Mooya website for ordering info.

Photo: Courtesy of Mooya

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