Short And Sleek Gives Long Locks A Run For Their Money!

Name: Ani Shine 
Occupation: Singer (House/Dance music, electro rock, blues-rock)
Website/Twitter handle: AniShine,
Hometown: Tirane, Albania 
Favorite childhood hairdo: "The Samurai half up-do."
Secret styling weapon: "Not washing it for three days and allowing it to be in its own natural state."
What do you love most about your hair?: "Its ability to flip from one side to the other." 
What drives you nuts?: "How much I find it all over my house." 
Dream 'do?: "Afro." 
What's a hair move you've always been curious about but have been afraid to try?: "No fear with my hair! I like my own personal evolution."
If your hair had a horoscope, what would it be?: "Capricorn–earthy, ambitious, a prominent individual! Sounds kind of like my twin. I'm a Gemini!"

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