A Bounty Of Cascading Curls Make Us Wanna Grow Our Hair!

Name: Amanda Garcia Santana
Occupation: Senior Account Manager at Linda Gaunt Communications
Age: 28
Website/Twitter handle: lindagaunt.com
Hometown: NYC
Favorite childhood hairdo: "Middle-school Manic Panic experiments."
Secret styling weapon: "Her name is Kanoko Mizuo! She is amazing and you have to catch her when she's not in Paris doing shows with Julien d'Ys. And her salon smells amazing because she hand-makes candles she calls Land. Besides a good haircut, I think using really good shampoo and conditioner is all I need. I use Rahua religiously because it's all-natural and vegan and made from Rahua nut oil, which is harvested by Amazonian tribes. The Finishing Treatment is incredible, too. And sometimes I'll spray this really nice rose water my friend brought me from Paris just because it smells lovely."
What do you love most about your hair?: "Recently, when the curlies get too out of control, I've started to use a paddle brush to brush them out—the biggest curly sin ever!—and use a little Japanese camellia oil for a sort of '60s Raquel Welch or Bardot big, messy, wavy vibe."
What drives you nuts?: "The unruliness."
Dream 'do?: "I love Anna Karina's look around Pierrot le Fou, so I chopped off my hair a few years ago and had heavy bangs, but my hair just doesn't do what hers does."
What's a hair move you've always been curious about but have been afraid to try?: "Straightening treatments when I feel unkempt, but Kanoko won't let me. She's right; it's not healthy."
If your hair had a horoscope, what would it be?: "Gemini, because it's bipolar, and I have enough of it for two gals."
Shirt: Tucker by Gaby Basora top, shorts Yigal Azrouel

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