This Little Trick Will Make You A Hair Genius

CustomizedProductMixtures_slides-01Illustrated by Emily Turner.
When it comes to treating your hair, one product never quite does the trick. Every woman’s hair color and texture is different and needs a product routine that is tailored to her tresses.
Contrary to what many women believe, you can’t always rely on just one product to create miracles. Great hair is all about assembling the perfect pairing of wares for your texture and tone. Just as you need several shades of gray and black to create the perfect smoky eye, you need several types of serum and spray to create the perfect finish for your hair.

As a professional, I’m very comfortable mixing different creams and products, and I adjust my routine to complement each client. It’s a creative process that can always be tested and tweaked.
Below is my "chemistry lesson" in mixing products to make flat hair look full and frizzy hair look flawless.

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Dull Hair: To Create Shine
Heat Protectant & Oil
A heat protectant is key to prevent damage when blowdrying hair. However, the protectant spray doesn’t always work to create a shiny, finished look. In order to get that polished appearance, you need to pair your protectant with an oil. My go-to is Oribe’s Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. Start by spraying the heat protectant throughout your hair. Follow this by taking a dime-sized amount of oil in your palms and running hands through damp strands before blowdrying. The combination will result in smooth, frizz-free locks.

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Fine, Curly Hair: To Create A Beautiful Blowout

Volumizing Spray & Straightening Balm
For fine hair, volumizing sprays are obviously ideal for creating volume, body, and height, but for fine, curly hair, you will still need an extra product to create a super-smooth and soft blowout. A straightening balm is best for creating that perfect, sleek finish to hair that is both fine and frizzy. Start by spraying a volumizing spray just at the roots. Follow by applying a straightening balm throughout hair from tips to roots. Blow hair dry and you'll be amazed with the sleek shape your naturally flat and curly hair can hold.

CustomizedProductMixtures_slides-04Illustrated by Emily Turner.

Lifeless Hair: To Create Texture
Volumizing Spray & Styling Wax
The piece-y, tousled look is all about adding texture. Limp, fine hair has difficulty holding texture and waves. A styling wax is the perfect complement to a volumizing hairspray, giving the strands more depth and movement. Start by sectioning damp locks into half-inch sections, spray the volumizing hairspray all over wet hair, and blow it dry. After hair is dry, apply the styling wax directly to the ends and on any pesky flyaways. Remember that styling wax should only be applied after the blowdry.

CustomizedProductMixtures_slides-05Illustrated by Emily Turner.

Oily Hair: To Create Fresh, Full Strands
Dry Shampoo & Hairspray
Dry shampoo is every woman’s go-to product. Whether you carry a bottle in your purse or office drawer, it’s the perfect quick fix to dirty-looking strands and a must-have during a busy week where you may not have time for your regular shampoo. Start by spraying dry shampoo to get rid of excess oil. Finish by applying hairspray and flipping the head upside down for extra texture, fullness, and movement.

CustomizedProductMixtures_slides-06Illustrated by Emily Turner.

Curly, Frizzy Hair: To Create Beachy Waves
Leave-In Conditioner & Styling Wax
If you have thick, unruly hair, creating beachy waves can be quite tricky. Hair too easily veers toward poufy, especially when there is any humidity involved. Choose a leave-in-conditioner to create a subtle curl. Pair that with a styling wax to tame frizz and avoid fluff. Spray leave-in conditioner, and comb it through wet hair. Shake your head out, and let it dry. Finish by applying a dime-sized amount of wax on dry hair to create more texture for frizz-less, beachy waves. The perfect, tamed tousle!

It’s all about mixing, matching, blending, and balancing to find the best product potion for your hair type. And, the above is a top-notch guideline for customizing any concoction for your own locks. Happy styling!

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