Meet Socola Chocolatier: Socially Conscious, Unbelievably Delicious Truffles


Susan and Wendy Lieu, two California sisters experimented with chocolate-making in their parents' kitchen while they were teenagers, and quickly found an audience for their delicious truffles. After graduating from college, Susan moved to Vietnam to work on sustainable cocoa development with USAID, while Wendy cut her teeth at pastry school. Since 2008,
Socola Chocolatier
("Socola" means chocolate in Vietnamese) has gained quite the following in the San Francisco-area and is poised for world domination with its East-meets-West truffle flavors like Burnt Carmel with Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, Give It To Me Guava, Vietnamese Coffee, and Applewood Smoked Bacon (really!). The girls are socially conscious as well, by staying true to their motto that good food should have integrity—from the ingredients to the environment—the truffles are totally free from preservatives, artificial flavoring, corn syrup, and the organic ingredients are sourced locally to reduce their carbon footprint. We can say from personal experience that the flavors only benefit, as the velvety smooth textures and inventive flavors are literally drool-worthy. Best of all, you can order online—the "Aphrodite's Delight" Valentine's box would make the perfect gift of sweets for your sweet!

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