Dream Come True: Matt Roan Is DJing A Small Venue Tonight!

As a precursor to (and fundraiser for) Summer Sessions On The Square, The Whistler is set up to delight your ears tonight with the turntable stylings of DJ Matt Roan. Typically you'll catch this local favorite at Studio Paris or Bevy, but those of us who prefer a little more intimacy (and a little less untz untz) will be thrilled that he's making an appearance at one of our favorite cocktail destinations. The fun starts at 9:30 p.m., but as always with The Whistler, we recommend getting there early, lest ye be stuck in line for like, ever. If you've ever wanted to hear Matt Roan spin in a room with less than 500 people in it, this, friends, is your chance.
The Whistler, 2421 North Milwaukee Avenue (just North of Fullerton Avenue); 773-227-3530.
matt roan
Photo: Kyle LaMere

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