We’re Making Your Lunch Plans Today — Sorry, Ronald & Wendy

With all due respect to Jared, wolfing down foot-long subs under vibrating, florescent lights gets pretty old sometimes. But today, we want you to put down the Quarter Pounder and try a lunch spot with better eats and a little more ambiance — LM Bistro. And before you claim that picking up gifts has left you in the red, check out the prices on the resto’s new lunch menu:
A heaping bowl of Moules and Frites — known in our language as “garlicky, Gallic deliciousness” — will only run you $10, while a cheesy croque-monsieur costs only $9. Other menu options include an $8 quiche with a perfectly dressed green salad, and a killer grilled tomato tart with goat cheese for only 10 smackaroos. Pretty rich, right?
LM Bistro, 111 West Huron Street (at Clark Street); 312-202-9900.

Photo: Courtesy of LM Bistro

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