Learn About Real Cocktails From This New Site, Because Vodka Sodas Suck!

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Bar catering is exactly what it sounds like – catering, with booze. Interested yet? Revae Schneider, a lady bartender you just might recognize, wanted to create a business offering catering, instruction, and awesome boozy info to the ladies of Chicago, and thus Femme Du Coupe was born. Revae is a skilled bartender (and bar stylist!), and we love that she's now super-accessible to us, any time we're thirsty. We're extra-excited about Femme Du Coupe's cocktail workshops, two-hour how-to sessions for anyone tired of pouring themselves vodka sodas. The cost is a mere $40 and you'll leave knowing how to make four seasonal cocktails! Keep reading for our quick chat with Revae, and visit Femme Du Coupe the next time your bar or event could use a woman's touch.

What made you want to start this website?
"After setting up the opening bar program at Union Sushi, I kept hearing, "Oh my gosh, you guys have so many products I've never seen before. I wish I could have this in my house!" Then a friend of mine, who just moved into a new condo, asked me to come shopping with him at Binny's because he wanted some cool products. A light went off. As a former personal shopper for Marc Jacobs and Neiman Marcus, with a fashion styling background, it all but made sense to do something like this."

What makes this site especially great for women?
"I think my site reaches all everyone – not just women. The name Femme du Coupe means "lady's cup" and with the coupe glass being modeled after Marie Antoinette's breast, it's a little provocative and a little sassy, but professional and informative at the same time."

Tell us your personal favorite cocktail.
"My favorite cocktail is the Aviation, as detailed in one of my first blog posts."

What do most women shy away from that you think they need to try?
"Don't be afraid of gin! I start people off with an Aviation to get people to try it. I always say "If you don't like it, I'll drink it." I haven't had to drink one, yet! Don't judge gin by the warm shots of bad gin you had in college. It can be mild and wonderful and not taste like a Christmas tree. Go to a bar that makes really good craft cocktails to get reintroduced to gin."

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