Lana Del Rey Rocks A Gold Tooth And We’re Confused (Again)

In her latest attempt to distract us from her confusing SNL performance, Lana Del Rey has been sporting a glittery gold cap on one of her canines. And no, we don’t mean her dog has a cute sparkly hat. We mean this girl is actually attempting to rock tooth bling. Naturally, this comes on the heels of many other aesthetically questionable decisions, one of which was letting her PR team run wild with her “gangsta Nancy Sinatra" image (we would also include the lip enhancement, but the truth is that those pumped lips gave her an edge). Sure, we can’t fault a girl for chasing her dream, and what a beautiful dream it is — making it in a "Hollywood Sadcore" world that is one, big, hazy '70s trailer park where everyone is devastatingly sexy and the sunlight is always warm and yellow (sigh). But, in all honesty, her attempt to rock a golden tooth is not quite the path we would have chosen for ourselves. How do you feel about the bling? Is it a bold move that deserves some praise, or perhaps just an attempt to gain some attention? (Huffington Post)

Photo: Via Huffington Post

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