Kitchen Confidential: Inside The Homes Of S.F.'s Top Chefs!

On a regular day in S.F., copious cravings for random cuisines is a huge problem due to the obscene amount of delicious food around every corner. Well, get out your bib because it just got a lot worse. The Bold Italic followed some of the city's top chefs to their very own kitchens at home—kids, spouses, dogs, and special recipes, included! Click on the link below to see the super-rare shots of the off duty chefs—Frances' Melissa Perello and Annie and Craig Stoll from Delfina and Locanda are in the mix—and their go-to dishes that will have you rushing to the grocery store come quittin' time.

Delfina and Locanda owners Annie and Craig Stoll in their home kitchen. Photo: Abby Wilcox

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