Hair Is So Overrated, Ke$ha Would Rather Sport Studs

Ke$ha's no stranger to trying new hair accessories. We can probably even thank her for the feather-braid craze. However, this time the sometimes-tipsy chart-topper is getting a harder edge with her attempt to rock metal studs where blonde tresses once were.
Our initial reactions were somewhere along the lines of "ouch!," wondering what type of fascinator it takes to fix a metal spike atop your head. However, despite Ke$ha's extreme look, as far as risky celeb beauty trends go, this one probably lands between Katy Perry's recently bright-blue hair and Lady Gaga's alien-like implants. Can we assume that Ke$ha took a few shots before attempting this new 'do? We kinda hope so. (Gawker)

Let us know if you would ever attempt this badass hardware in place of hair. Or, would you need a bottle of Jack first?

Photo: Via Gawker

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