Is This App Your Boss’ New Best Friend?

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Meet TravAlarm Chicago, the handy little app that's got nothing but the best intentions in mind for you. How often have you sat on a stuck El train, or waited at an empty CTA platform, typing an "I'm sorry" email to your boss describing your impending late arrival, and the reasons behind it? TravAlarm wants to end these excuses for good. This new app automatically detects delays in the CTA transit system, and wakes you up early in order to allow you to compensate for the delays and make it to work on time. Did our bosses invent this? Is this a conspiracy?! Will you use this gadget to avoid lateness for the rest of time, or do you want to be in control of exactly when your tired ass emerges from slumber? We can see both sides of this working out well, so we're stumped. We leave this to you.

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