Finally, D.C. Interns Get Some Respect (Or At Least A Discount)

We know how soul-crushing the life of an intern can be: Racing to get your boss’s third iced latte, carrying stacks of papers twice your weight, drafting tedious memos. And when it comes to interns, our city gets more than its fair share — more than 20,000 interns come to Washington every year to carry those lattes and churn out those memos.
But here's some good news: While "intern" may not be the most glamorous job title, there are some perks. This week, thanks to the aptly named InternsRock! program, interns can get exclusive discounts and deals, like reduced museum admission, cheaper Zipcar rentals and gym memberships, and deals on everything from frozen yogurt to sports-bar grub. The promotion only runs through June 17, so you'll want to hustle on the sign-up and start getting more bang for your buck (um, stipend) right away.
Photo: Courtesy of InternsRock!

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