I DIY! BleachBlack’s Kristin Gives Her Cut-Offs a Metallic Makeover

They say two wrongs don't make a right, but in the case of BleachBlack's Kristin's closet, it was the perfect set-up for a new DIY. Check out how style blogger and RVCA Design Director spruced up her shorts with some statement details from two items she already owned.
Inspiration: Free time and a lot of experimenting. This particular piece came from me dumping out my old accessories and re-thinking end use. I absolutely am in love with this vintage belt I bought years ago, however I hated the buckle that it came with. I ended up taking it off and the possibilities seemed endless!
Materials used: Vintage belt, sewing machine, needle nose pliers, denim cut-off RVCA "Sydney" shorts
Total cost of materials: Vintage belt $20, Denim shorts $60
Total time: 15 minutes (excluding the Sydney cut-offs)
How To According to Kristin:
1. First find a belt that has really interesting detail and ignore the belt buckle as it's coming off anyways. Then take the needle nose pliers (you may need another tool for this, it so happened this one came off pretty easily) and pry off the belt buckle and latch on either end.
2. Then weave it through the belt loops of you're shorts until it's even with the front two belt loops. You then can cut it to the proper length as you will have some extra. Make sure you leave about 1/4"-1/2" seam allowance to sewn the belt under the belt loop. Pin the belt under the belt loop and sew on top of the belt loop. Note: this will be a bit tricky, but you can always use a needle and thread to do this as well.
3. Last, cut the remaining seam allowance off from under the belt loop and you're done.

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