Oh, The Horror: 9 Nights Of Scary Cinema Kick Off This Week

For die-hard horror fans, watching goosebump-inducing flicks is a year-round pastime. But October's generally spooky vibe makes seeing the latest paranormal blockbuster or an old-school gorefest an even more terrifying experience. So, naturally, in honor of Halloween, the AFI Silver Theatre is offering a cinematic treat: the 7th Annual Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival.
Boasting 21 features and 32 short films over the course of nine nights, this year’s event is not only the biggest one to date, but it's also D.C.’s only genre-based film festival. While the theater will screen scary movies from around the globe, the celebration also honors local filmmakers — the Sundance hit Excision, directed by McLean native Richard Bates, Jr., is an opening-night highlight. Judging by titles alone — Some Guy Who Kills People, Nazi Zombie Death Tales, President Wolfman, Nightmare Factory — we're pretty sure you'll be pleasantly petrified.
When: Wednesday, October 10, through Thursday, October 18.
Where: AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center, 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring; 301-495-6720.
Photo: Courtesy of A Little Bit Zombie/Cave Painting Pictures

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