29 Happiness Tips From Top Hairstylists

The holidays are a time when we take a break and surround ourselves with people and things that make us happy. Sure, there is always the stress of traveling and being cooped up with the fam, but today, we’re focusing on the warm and fuzzy stuff. As we head into the new year, it’s also a time of reflection and self-improvement — finding new ways to make ourselves as happy as possible, in the moment and for years to come.
What defines this happiness may be different for each of us, but it is often about fulfillment — being engrossed and engaged with yourself, what you do, and who you're surrounded by. In a recent TED Talk, Barry Schwartz, the author of Why We Work, revealed that in the professional world, hairstylists are some of the happiest people out there. Makes sense to us: Have you ever been greeted by a grump when you've sat down to get a trim? Probably not. More likely, he or she is someone who will gladly listen to all the things that may be making you unhappy.
This human interaction, working with their hands, and making people feel (and look) good are all factors that contribute to the eudemonic nature of hairstylists. But we think it goes deeper than that, and, of course, it's not all about work. So we decided to reach out to some of the top hairstylists to chat about how they stay positive, find balance, and all those other good things we are all on an eternal search for — and they delivered. Let the following stylists be your life coaches for a moment — and offer some seriously 'gram-worthy #inspirationalquotes.

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