Hair Falling Flat? How To Get All-Day Volume

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Hair that has texture, bounce, and tousle has a natural sexiness to it. But. volume doesn’t have to mean you go to beehive extremes. Adding just a touch of volume to a straight blowout will give you the polish and structure you’re looking for with added sexy movement. There are four key elements to keep in mind when creating volume: cut and color, products, brushes, and technique. Here's how to give lifeless locks a little lift.

Hair Cut & Color

For ladies with fine hair, the length you choose is far more important then the amount of layers you add. You shouldn’t always assume that more layers give more volume. Generally speaking, the longer the hair, the more difficult it is to achieve body for fine-haired ladies. Choose cuts that either have long layers or are all one length. Sometimes, shorter layers or a lot of layers can make hair difficult to style, forcing ends to look stringy and the cut to appear choppy. For finer hair, adding color or highlights can be a surprising volumizing technique that results in added body and texture. For thick or curly hair, shape is key to avoid an overly poufy look. Removing weight with layers is vital to combat that lampshade effect.

Products Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners for normal to fine hair. Make sure to keep conditioner off the scalp, focusing mostly on the mid-shaft and the ends. Many women pile conditioner on the roots, working to the ends, weighing hair down. And, others have probably been told not to use conditioner at all. However, it's always beneficial to apply a small amount on the ends to combat dry strands. Those with thick and curly or wavy hair should use a moisturizing conditioner because their texture is naturally on the drier side and can withstand the weight.
Volumizing sprays and mousses are my go-to products for creating added texture. For sprays, apply directly on the root to mid shaft. Be sure to section hair cleanly before spraying to ensure even distribution throughout the hair. For mousses, use a golf ball-sized dollop and distribute evenly, starting and focusing on the roots, then adding a little on the ends. My favorite mousse is Grandiose by Oribe.
Dry shampoo spray is another essential volume-enhancing product: For lifeless and limp locks, dry shampoo can be your absolute hair savior. When applying, flip your head over and spray a foot away from your head. Feel free to use a generous amount for added texture and body.
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Choosing the right size and type of brush is key. I'm partial to the IBIZA Boar Bristle Brush for giving the best quality of volume. Ceramic brushes can be easy at home, but they really don’t offer the same amount of tension needed to create the best volume. Women tend to buy massive brushes, but the larger the brush; the harder it is to achieve the grip needed for volume. Generally speaking, a 2- or 2.5-inch diameter is best.


When using a brush to blow-dry your hair, the most important part of the head to focus on is the crown. When adding volume, use a boar bristle brush, tilt your chin up and over-direct the hair, pushing it forward so the brush rolls on itself like a roller. Continuously roll hair back and release in a C shape as you blow it dry. The cool button on your hairdryer will be your best friend, as it helps set the hair throughout the process.

And, while I don't recommend teasing your hair every day, a bit of back-combing can be the key to all-day volume. Opt for a rat tail comb to tease the crown area, and be sure to fully remove the teeth of the comb from hair after each downward stroke. These volume-enhancing tricks and tips will save you from any flat hair day. Even when runways showcase slicked-back wet-looking locks, volume will always be timeless.

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