Girl Crush: Grace Woodroofe Talks Stage Style & Missing Her Man

Still bummed you didn't get to go to SXSW last week? No sweat — one of the festival's most fashion-forward (and busiest) acts is headed our way this weekend. Grace Woodroofe, the smoky-voiced Aussie siren discovered (oddly enough) by Heath Ledger, has already made a splash down under, booked a U.S. tour, landed a Vogue feature, and made a name for herself as one stylish songstress. Yeah, we got a little tired just typing all that out. We caught up with Grace just in time for her gig at the Black Cat on Sunday, to talk style, on-the-road shopping, and why she loves shocking her audience.
GraceW_02bslideFor those who are not familiar with your sound, could you describe it in a few words?
"Emotive, passionate, and honest, but at the same time, dangerous, strange, and unsettling."

You've been pursuing music for a long time, and outlets like NPR and Elle are now taking serious notice — how does that feel?

"It feels really nice that such respected publications have reacted at all — especially when I am a fan of them, also."

Being a young female singer/songwriter, have you gathered inspiration from other female musicians? Or other notable artists, in general?
"When I started out, there were a few catalysts in my musical education that really pushed me into a certain zone of creation. The main one was Jack White, because when I began listening to his music, it scared me, then enthralled me. I love it when that happens. I also took inspiration from Tom Waits, Isaac Brock, Rufus Wainwright, and Nina Simone."

Photo: Courtesy of Red Light Management


What influences your style?
"This evolves constantly, but at the moment, Patti Smith."

Is there a relationship between your music and your personal style? Or does one influence the other?
"Quite the opposite. I find people look at me [walking] on stage in a pretty, long dress and expect the complete opposite of my sound to come out my mouth. I actually quite enjoy that diversion. It's like a shock tactic."

You recently starred in a short fashion film for Australian designer Aurelio Costarella, so it's clear you're a fan of fashion. Are there any designers you gravitate toward?
"There are many Australian designers I love, like Zimmermann, Lover, Magdalena Velevska, and Tina Kalivas. As far as international brands, I love Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, and Chloe."


What's your go-to oufit on tour?
"A long black fitted dress with see-through lace detailing, from Perth label Joveeba."

Photo: Courtesy of Red Light Management

Any things you like to shop for while you're touring/traveling?
"I constantly keep an eye out for unique trinkets that I can look at at a later date, to remind me of a city or experience."

Favorite stop on the tour so far?
"New York is always surreal to me."

If you could wear one dream outfit on stage, what would it be?
"A deep red lace dress with leather detailing, by Australian label Lover."

What are you most looking forward to when the tour ends?
"Seeing my man."

Photo: Via Grace Woodroofe

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