Too Lazy To Leave The Couch? Now You Can Gallery-Hop From Home

Just over a year ago, Google launched the Google Art Project initiative, with the goal of allowing users to view works of art from museums and galleries all over the world. Kind of like street-view, but for art — cool, huh?
Well, yesterday, the company announced a major upgrade to the project: It now features more than 30,000 works from 151 galleries and museums in 40 countries. Our hometown faves are included — the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, Freer Gallery, and American Art Museum are all there — as well as the official White House art collection. But you can also go farther afield and tour the Hermitage, the Victoria and Albert Museum, or the Getty, to name just a few. So, now you really have no excuse for not visiting the Da Vinci that hangs in the National Gallery of Art — or the ones that hang in Florence. You don't even have to get dressed first. (Mashable)

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