Don’t Send Out That Oscar Party Evite Without Reading This

Plain, old popcorn works fine as a regular movie snack, but for the Oscars? It’s time to bring out pop up the big guns. Just in time for your viewing festivities this Sunday, February 24, Garrett’s has released its fanciest party-snack package to date. Called “Sliver Screen Soiree,” the $70 snack extravaganza includes a platinum, two-gallon tin crammed with Chicago Mix popcorn (the insanely addictive blend of cheese and caramel popcorns), a scoop, 12 empty Garrett’s bags for easy popcorn distribution, and napkins printed with the cute phrase “Love is Messy.”
Like your kernels with a side of competition? The package also comes with a voting ballot, so party guests can guess who the winners will be. An included 1-quart tin, also filled with the Chicago mix, goes home with the winning party guest at the end of the night. And — at our party, anyway — that person better make a pretty gracious speech. The tin’s only available through Sunday, so earn your best hostess award by hopping online to order it now. Have fun this weekend, and may the best picture win.
To order the package, visit Garrett Popcorn.
Photo: Courtesy of Garrett Popcorn

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