Funny Find: Cross-Stitched Cuties For Real Life

Image via Purple Hippo Stitches Etsy.
We've always admired those handy with a needle and thread. Cute cross-stitched pillows and frames add charm to any space, though we've always found it a little difficult to relate to the prim, proper sayings and adages they often display. Over the weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair, Purple Hippo Stitches solved our problem. The craft company sells framed wares (and patterns, for the daring) calling out life's hysterical and sometimes unfortunate realities. From "I Hate People" to "Looks Like Someone Has A Case of The Mondays," we love that these creative cats also know how to get real. Visit Purple Hippo Stitches' Etsy shop for more cross-stitched goodness.

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