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The Easiest Way To Tone Your Entire Bod At Once

This video will teach you how to do a modified burpee exercise.

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Are you looking to kick off a new fitness routine or simply make yours a little better? Our 60 Seconds To Fit video series is here to help. "Each exercise targets multiple muscle groups," says celeb trainer Sadie Kurzban. This short clip, produced in coordination with Calia, breaks down exactly how to do a relaxed burpee. "The move is part of the perfect full-body routine if you can just barely squeeze in a workout."

Relaxed Burpee
This burpee variation still gives you a head-to-toe workout, but it's gentler on the joints — especially the knees — than the standard explosive move. "You don't actually need to jump up and down for the exercise to work," says Kurzban. While holding your plank position (you got this!), focus on keeping your arms straight and your core engaged. This will keep your back from sagging and protect against injury. "And, remember to breathe," says Kurzban. "It's surprisingly easy to forget when doing something strenuous." Ready to go? Try for two sets of 15 to 20 reps.
How To Do A Simple Burpee ExerciseReleased on April 21, 2015

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