The 15 Witchiest Things You Can Buy At Free People's "Spirituality Shop"

Don't let the name "Spirituality Shop" fool you. This new section on Free People's site is basically your one-stop shop for all your freaky, pagan, witchy-woman needs. That's right, no longer do you have to head down to your local hippie-supply store or headshop to buy your Love Potions and shaman sticks. Free People has curated quite the selection for you — and best of all, you won't choke on incense while you shop.
We rounded up the best of the Spirituality Shop for all your spell-casting, stick-decorating needs. So, step behind our virtual glass bead curtain, make sure The Craft or Stevie Nicks is playing softly in the background, and shop with us. Blessed be, y'all.
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These Smudge Sticks promise to "cleanse [you] of bad feelings, negative thoughts, bad sprits, or negative energy." So, we'll just use them after every family gathering from now on.
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This Bright Mystical Box comes with "all the spirituality essentials" — which means crystals, sage, lavender, and a coin, in case you were wondering.
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For bad witches, there's also a Dark Mystical Box packed with crystals, sage, and lavender — but sadly, no coin, so you'll have to dig through your pockets 'til you find the least linty, most spiritual one.
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Dream Weaver Mist spray features wild mugwort and California Poppy to "curb nightmares." Unless your nightmare is getting Gary Wright stuck in your head.
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We don't exactly know what makes this a "Cosmic Stick." Are there even sticks in space? Either way, it looks super-deep propped in the corner like a little spiritual cigar.
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Cleanse your space of negative energy with white sage, then bring those bad vibes right back by reminding yourself of the world's most terrifying sea snail.
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If your beloved is already close enough for you to bathe him or her, maybe no spells are actually needed? Just saying.
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Brush up on your moon phases with this lovely chime — because every witch worth her tarot deck needs to know her waning gibbous from her waxing crescent.
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These Sun Sticks could probably serve a higher purpose, but we just want to bind them up with twine, leave them places, and freak people out, Blair Witch-style.
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This Mystic Wishing Bottle is filled with glitter and dried wax, so it'll definitely make your space look like an old-school Italian restaurant decorated by a 7-year-old girl.
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This Love Potion can be used alone (which sounds spooky and dreamy) or "with a partner" (which sounds VERY OMINOUS).
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If your Love Potion accidentally results in overzealous heart palpitations or fainting, simply waft these smelling salts under the nose of your beloved.
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If you don't already have a tarot deck featuring both major and minor arcana, save yourself the humiliation and buy these now.
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Just a handful of glitter gives any potion some pizzazz!
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FYI: Your current crystal earrings are meaningless. Instead, go for these, which are literally rife with meaning.

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