The College Essential You'll Use Forever: Everyone Needs A Fracket

fracket main
We don't mind someone pointing out a not-so-chic fashion reality, as long as it's this hilarious. We recently came across a co-ed blog post pointing out the reality of the "fracket". A "fracket", for those of you who have graduated already, is more commonly known as a "going out coat". You know, that inexpensive but still moderately stylish coat you buy just in case it gets stolen, spilled on, or splashed with salty, ickywater in the course of your winter social life. It's a Chicago essential, and we're thrilled to see this notion has dawned on the collegiate crowd. We applaud the author and are happy to reveal that some things, indeed, last forever. (North by Northwestern)
ASOS Quilted Ovoid Coat, $44.76 (originally $134.29), available at ASOS.

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