Could You Edit Your Closet Down To One Rack? Here’s How!

More likely than not, you're emotionally attached to your wardrobe — you chose every piece carefully, put thought into the purchase, and hoped it would pay off with a lifetime (or at least a year or two) of wear. Now, what if you got the wild idea to edit all those tops and bottoms down to only what would fit on a single clothing rack — with room to spare?
Local blogger and stylephile Emily Wall did just that, and Brightest Young Things got an inside look at how she makes spartan living look impossibly stylish. A few of our favorite things? Well, we love when anyone uses clothing as art; we're impressed by (and more than a little jealous of) the complete lack of clutter; and also, this line: "... I think my inspiration came from women that particularly are not afraid to look different. Women who really look however they want to look. I have what I need... Why would I add superfluous stuff that I don't like that doesn't energize me the least bit?"
We say: Amen, sister. (Brightest Young Things)

Photos: Courtesy of Brightest Young Things/Jeffrey Martin

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