32 Street-Style Snaps Of Chicago's Cutest El Riders

Taking the train in Chicago can be, well, brutal. Braving the elements (freezing temps, whipping winds, blinding heat, you name it) on the platform just to lose all semblance of personal space inside the train can be draining for morale and your wardrobe. But, as usual, our fellow Chicagoans continue to impress us with their fresh style… even during the morning commute.
We took to the streets rails to snap the city's cutest (and chicest) riders around, and, we just have to say: Public transportation does a body good. From shoppers in Logan Square to beauties in Bucktown, the elevated line pack a seriously sexy punch. Are you one of our fine few?
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Anna Rafferty, headed to Logan Square.
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Katharyn Molinaro, heading to celebrate her girlfriend's engagement.
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Anita Bokil, grabbing some fare before heading to Lincoln Fest.
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Amanda Molinaro, at the Western stop before heading out to celebrate her girlfriend's engagement.
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Patrick Minogue, in advertising, was nice enough to miss two trains to let us snap this pic on his way home from work.
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Abby Hoffmeyer, stopping in Logan Square after checking out Lush's new cosmetic line in Bucktown.
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Ris Tena, on the blue line headed to see a show at the Aragon.
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DJ Sarah Christoff, on her way to the Ashland stop for a house music party.
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Marissa Toomey, headed home from work in Wicker Park.
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Emilia Schobeiri at the Western line, on her way to celebrate her bachelorette party.
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Royce King, leaving Logan Square to do some shopping.
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Jamie Lee, headed to work at Rock Bottom Brewery.
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Kate Taylor, waiting for the train to take her to a show at Harris Theatre.
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Ndeyiah Corneh, getting off at the Western stop to go to a show.
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Patrick Dewlett, hopping on the blue line after lunch with friends in Wicker Park.
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Taylor Prokos and Shaina Holtz, headed home from Pitchfork.
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Megan Ferringer, looking stylish after eating at Big Star.
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Brandon Myles, on his way home from work at Thomas Kink.
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Attalie Dexter, showing off her own jewelry line. Check out her stuff at Shades of Grey.
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Cecilia Velasquez, taking the El to Bottom Lounge for a Pitchfork after-show.
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Gabrielle, waiting for the train after hanging out at Pitchfork all day.
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Charla Dickey, showing off the handmade cosmetics she just bought from Lush.
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Mark Deitner and Saida Tesfai, waiting for the green line after Pitchfork.
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Darlene Pereda, at the Clark & Lake stop, waiting to go home after work.
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Blogger Allison Fraker, hopping off the blue line to go to the Bocce Ball Social.
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Mariah Craddick, posed on the blue line before going to the Bocce Ball Social.
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Andrew Tartara, waiting to take the brown line to Fringe, where he is a stylist.
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Francine Gutierrez, grabbing fare before going to the Bocce Ball Social.
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Michael Catanese and Bailey Hansen, waiting for the blue line to go to dinner in River North.
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Melissa Alexandria, taking the green line to work at Bedford restaurant.
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Daisy Makaveev, getting off the blue line to go see a show.
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Jess Preleski, at the Clark & Lake station headed to a Pitchfork after party.

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