DOVE® Chocolate Journeys
For DOVE® Chocolate, Sustainability Has Always Been Key

A behind-the-scenes look at the sustainable practices employed by the Ecuadorian farms that supply dark chocolate to DOVE.

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If you've ever wondered how DOVE Chocolate® makes its silky smooth dark chocolate, we've got the answer. Join Minka Kelly, who you'll recognize from classic indie films like 500 Days of Summer and mega-hit T.V. shows including Jane The Virgin and Friday Night Lights, on an adventure across Ecuador's fertile cocoa fields—the source for all of the sustainably sourced DOVE Chocolate® beans. Honed over the course of thousands of years, Ecuador's cocoa harvesting practices have been perfected through the generations, as family farmers passed down their craft to ensure the legacy lives on. "Every farmer harvests with his family," confirms Norma Chavez of Nuevos Horizons cocoa farm, as she trims a cocoa pod off a lush branch. And it's easy to see the enormous care that goes into refining the techniques for growing and fermenting these vital beans—especially those geared towards preserving an imperiled environment. Watch the video above to learn more about this remarkable, ancient process.
Dove Chocolate Sustainable Ecuador Factory Minka KellyReleased on June 16, 2017

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