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Whether you've come to know Dose Market as a shopping destination, a see-and-be-seen spot, or something to do that's more fun than football, you are correct. The year's last Dose installment (it will be back in February, calm down) boasts the highest number of vendors ever, in anticipation of holiday shopping madness. We won't list it all out, but trust when we say there will be plenty of Doseness to get you in the holiday spirit. They'll have actual chestnuts roasting. This is living, people. But before you go, read up on our advice for making it through the market successfully. We'll be seeing you (and shopping with you!) on Sunday.
1. Go early, or go late.
Make a decision. Either get there first and beat the crowd, or get there late and avoid them altogether. It's a decision every shopper must make for herself.
2. Travel light, and carry a big budget.
This is the holiday Dose Market. You stand the chance to get every single person on your list something unique and locally made — why on earth would you shop anywhere else? Put your game face on and you'll be the only one in the family receiving legit thank-you notes in January. Also, don't bring the big purse today. A small, cross-body bag is best. The market will be crowded, and you don't want people constantly "excuse me"-ing around your huge backpack. Tuck a smushable shopping bag in there so you'll be ready to cart home all of your finds.
3. Do not eat breakfast.
Lest you be too full to enjoy this, or this, or this. Yes, we went there.
4. Form a posse.
Look, there are more than 60 Dose vendors at this month's market. They've even had to expand to the upper level of the River East Art Center. It's going to be like shopping on the rings of Saturn. It is highly likely that even the savviest shopper might miss something. Unless she brings friends. Divide and conquer, and keep a phone handy. That way, you won't miss a thing, and who would want to?

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