Do Dose This Weekend: 'Cause You Never Need An Excuse To Eat Pie

It occurs to us that each month, before our trip to Dose Market, we show off a designer, piece of jewelry, or some other wearable that we can't wait to see. That said, because we heart you, and we could never lie to you, we feel it's time we come clean and let you know that the real reason we're dying for Dose this month is the yummies.
We can't hide it anymore. Especially when Rustic Tart is all set to make an appearance this Sunday. Once distributing pies to (lucky!) friends and family only, Stephanie Lock is now running a full-fledged business, tempting us with tarts. Eeeee! So, go, shop, try on, oogle, and buy. We know why you're really there. And it's okay. It's totally okay.
Dose Market at the River East Art Center, 435 East Illinois Street (east of McClurg Court); 312-321-1001.
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Photo:Via Dose Market

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