I DIY! Runway-Ready Brooches, Chokers, and Belts Made Easy By Our Make-It Mistress

Thanks to our trusty DIY guru Erica Domesek of P.S.—I Made This fame, we know that busting out your creative chops at home never has to mean hokey or homespun. Instead, Erica proves time and time again that being crafty can yield some utterly chic surprises. For this challenge, we asked our make-it mistress to whip up the DIY equivalent to three of our favorite accessory trends, one from London, Paris, and New York. And while you might never expect a cupcake wrapper could factor into a fabulous jaw-dropping brooch or a roll of tape could be transformed into an eye-popping choker, behold: These DIY projects yield some statement-making extras you'll be proud to show off.
1. Big Bauble Necklace (inspired by Michael Kors)—I love the pearlized lucite effect with packing tape. This necklace is killer and easy to make!
Materials Needed:
Clear Packing Tape (Staples has these cute mini ones!)
Hex nuts (try any local hardware store)
Ribbon (amazing organza at M&J Trimming)
How To: 1. String it! Alternate tape rolls and hex nuts on ribbon.
2. Knot a few smaller Hex nuts at the end in a cluster.
3. Sting one last Hex nut on the ribbon to finish ends.
4. Make a bow…then make a statement!
2. First Prize Pin (inspired by Richard Nicoll)—I'm a huge fan of anything Equestrian inspired! Kick up the classic pin with a little sparkle and some chunky gems!
Materials Needed:
Cupcake wrapper (from NY Bake Shop—my favorite bake shop with amazing baking supplies!)
Gems (M&J Trimming has a great selection)
Ribbon (Any sort of wide flat ribbon will do. My favorites are grosgrain and silk dupioni. They have a great selection at M&J Trimming.)
Large Safety Pin
Glue Gun
How To:
1. Glue gems on decorative wrapper side facing up.
2. Cut two strips of ribbon (one slightly longer than the other), make inverted "V," cut at bottom.
3. Glue Ribbon strips to back of wrapper.
4. Glue Safety pin to back (make sure you don't glue the open-latch side).
5. Glue a piece of Ribbon onto back for a clean look.
3. Tweed Belt (inspired by Chanel)—Make your own tweed and tailor it into a waist belt! It's raw and refined, what's better?
Materials Needed:
Metallic Rope (M&J Trimming)
Needle and thread
How To:
1. Cut 3" inch burlap strips x4 (measure & cut to waist size).
2. Cut metallic rope (6" inches long than burlap)
3. Braid burlap strips with one piece of metallic rope, do twice
4. Find center point of each braid. Lay braids on flat surface. Match up center points and wrap together with rope. Knot to secure.
5. Wrap ends of each braids with long piece of rope. Knot to secure. Knot and fray the ends for a tassel.
6. Cross braid, sewing a few stitches to create another "loop" effect.
P.S.—Have Fun! x Erica
For more of Erica's DIY genius, visit her blog, P.S.—I Made This or follow her on Twitter.
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