Dialogue On Northwestern FuckSaw Sex-Ed Professor Takes Dangerous Turn

To recap: Tenured Northwestern Professor J. Michael Bailey recently held a post-class school discussion on "networking for kinky people" that, naturally, included the live demonstration of a charming sex-toy known as a "fucksaw". Bit pervy if you ask us, but harmless. But, in speaking to Esquire, Bailey's former student and research assistant, Paul Schrodt, took the conversation in a different, perhaps more disturbing, direction. After defending Bailey's commendable approach to healthy, open discourse about sex, Schrodt, recalls Bailey's opinion that victims of child molestation, "don't suffer nearly as much long-term psychological damage as most people assume—or that society tends to project onto them," and that the professor would not contact authorities if his own children were victimized because, "our system is not properly set up to handle [it]." Suddenly, Professor Bailey's antics are no longer funny, refreshing, or liberating—they're potentially dangerous. We mean, it's good that we're discussing all of this—from fucksaws to child rape—outside the classroom. Discussion is where education starts. But not calling the police if a child is raped? Letting child rapists get away with their crimes? Not even taking an abused child in for a medical checkup? Sorry, we're giving this Prof. an "F". (Esquire)

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