Street Style: How To Solve Your Weird Weather Woes

Who she is: Danielle
Where we spotted her: In the Gold Coast.
Why we love her: Chicago's weather these days is like an unsolvable riddle. With thunderstorms. We never know what to expect, but Danielle is dressed for anything. Light layers with a cozy scarf just in case are perfect for an outing in a city that keeps you guessing. Make sure your bag is roomy enough to hold any layers you need to take off (or add on). The real smarties keep a collapsable umbrella in there, too. Wanna bet Danielle has one? One first glance, her ensemble might seem a little neutral-tone heavy, but don't overlook her comfy flats and necklace — she's got pops of color going on, too. How are you weathering this weird....erm, weather this spring?

Photographed by Amy Creyer


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