Crossroads Pop-Up Shop Moving Into Former Shotwell Space!

After Shotwell closed up shop in its big, sprawling Union Square space late last month, we were super-curious to know what new business would be moving in. Our money was on Crossroads Trading Co., which had started a series of pop-up buying counters at Shotwell a few months before the indie shop said bye-bye to the ‘hood. And it looks like our hunch was spot-on! The powers that be at Crossroads just confirmed exclusively to us that a Summer Pop-Up Shop will be opening up in the Grant Avenue space next weekend, and will be there at least through the summer (or “summer” in San Francisco-speak). Yay! Now folks who live, work, and shop in the Downtown/FiDi/Union Square area will finally get a local dose of the awesomeness that is Crossroads. Also, the hoards of tourists who flock to Union Square can cash in on some major bargain shopping. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 16, when the pop-up shop throws open its doors and will be buying and selling daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Crossroads Summer Pop-Up Shop, 320 Grant Avenue (at Bush Street).

Get ready to dig for bargains, Downtown visitors!