Don't Hate Us For Sharing: This Might Be The Best Secret Patio In Chi!

Okay, we know the last thing you want to read about at 9 a.m. is The Continental, the notorious late night bar that's everything you'd imagine a late night bar to be. However, we're about to enlighten you with news of something truly special that takes place before all the post-midnight mania begins. In the evenings, those warm, peaceful Chicago spring evenings, The Continental's patio (yes, it has one), is one of the chillest spots ever to share a beer with friends, or even nosh on some fried chicken from Feed, the ultra-wallet-friendly resto next door. Just make sure to wrap things up before the crowd gets rowdy. Leaving Conti without an epic, hangover-inducing buzz? Who knew?
The Continental, 2801 West Chicago Avenue (at California Avenue); 773-292-1200.
Photo: Courtesy of You Me Us Now

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