Congratulations Chicago, You Officially Have A Nightlife

Until now, our only legit nightclub options were a trip west to Las Vegas or an evening spent in the manner of a sardine at Underground. Now, if you want a night out in beautiful surroundings (and surrounded by beautiful people, naturally), you've got a spot that's giving Chicago some serious bragging rights. The Melman brothers, in what appears to be infinite wisdom, have expanded their Hubbard Street empire by taking to the sky. Studio Paris is a rooftop oasis above Paris Club that is without question the best honest-to-goodness club experience you can have in Chicago. While we do think a few more staff behind the bar wouldn't hurt, we can't see anything wrong with a night on a rooftop in a place that doesn't sell PBR. Arrive early, and bring a good, line-tolerating attitude with you. You'll see clipboards and earpieces, but don't be afraid. The wait is worth it.
Studio Paris, 59 West Hubbard Street (at Clark Street); 312-595-0800.

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