Chicago’s Coolest 80-Year-Old Reveals Her Beauty and Style Secrets

Meet Mamie Walton, local philanthropist, British import, and hands-down the coolest and most stylish 80-year-old we've ever met. We fell hard for Mamie for a million reasons, most notably her warm, positive personality and undeniable grace and style. We can only attempt to follow in her flawless footsteps, so to point us in the right direction Mamie shared her secrets for staying beautiful and maintaining stunning style at every single age. You'll have nothing but respect for this O.G. (Original + Gorgeous) once you learn how she's stayed this stunning into her 80s. These timeless tips from a master are ones you can't live without.
1. Exercise. Mamie, a former dancer, is a firm believer in the benefits of exercise, and has always kept in shape. "Exercise is so important, it's kept me around for a great many years." She devotes at least an hour a day to exercise. "I spend at least 30 minutes each day at the ballet barre, and I use, you know, the Chinese Wand."
2. Skincare. "I'm very particular about my skin." Mamie was a fan of Erno Laszlo for 25 years, but eventually moved on to products from La Prairie, and her current favorite, from Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. "Specifics is his line, I just love it."
3. Positivity. "I am a very positive person." Mamie's positivity and bright personality were evident in our interview, and this tip came as no surprise. "My mother would say, 'Always have a smile,' I believe that positivity and showing interest in other people helps you look better."
1. Brands. "I have always been very into fashion, I love to look good." Mamie is still true to her lifelong favorites. "I had a whole period with Yves Saint Laurent, I still have all of those pieces." She's also got a soft spot for Emilio Pucci. "I have a vintage wardrobe that I tuck away, you know you can't wear them anymore, but they're very gorgeous, and it's hard to part with them." We hear you, Mamie.
2. Tailoring. Mamie is a firm believer in good-quality tailoring, fabrications, and fit. "I am a little high-fashion, and I feel very good in tailored clothes."
3. Heels. "I always wear high-heels." Mamie's favorite shoes come from trusted sources like Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. "You know, from Paris." We were entranced by Mamie's constant commitment to the sheer joy and confidence she gets from her high-heels. "My friends ask me how I walk in them. I say: very well."

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