The 5 Green Grocery Stores To Shop ASAP!

best chicago organic food
If you’re the kind who prefers your oranges without a garnish of pesticides (we do, too), prepare for the ultimate hookup. Chicago is home to some of the best organic grocery stores (and delivery services!) ever. Supporting local farmers and businesses comes with some amazing perks—yummy food—and it’s just a rad thing to do. Going organic and only eating fruits and vegetables that are in season can be a totally delicious change. It’s also, like, grownup. Try one of our favorites, and let us know where your culinary adventures take you. Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive discount codes right here, too!
1. Green Grocer
Green Grocer is a wonderful vortex of fruits, vegetables, and food items that somehow never existed before the moment you walked in the door. Most of the products we spotted in Green Grocer, we’d honestly never heard of. This is a good thing! Add a little healthy variety to your routine, and rest assured that what you’re grubbing is organic and produced responsibly. Mmmm. Tell the good peeps at Green Grocer that Refinery29 sent you, and you'll receive $5 your purchase of $20 or more! (One time use only, kids). Oh, they also have organic wine. Organic. Wine. Green Grocer, 1402 West Grand Avenue (at Noble Street); 312-624-9508.
2. Door-to-Door Organics
There's a lot to love about Door-to-Door Organics ! This home and office co-op delivery service brings gorgeous organic goodies right to your door—any door you want. The cool thing about this delivery service is that for much of the year, most local produce isn’t commercially available. So, Door-to-Door makes organic fruits and vegetables available to you that you’d never, ever be able to find otherwise. Eat up!
best chicago organic food
3. Newleaf Natural Grocery
Newleaf Natural is one of those hybrids that is both a grocery store and a delivery service. At Newleaf, you’ll find hormone-free meat (we can’t all be vegetarians, kids), plus fair trade coffee and raw foods. Newleaf knows that we all want to eat well, but we’d prefer not to spend our entire paycheck on groceries. The result is weekly organic produce deliveries available to you starting at $15! If you’re tired of sending flowers or ridiculous bouquets made of food, try gifting someone with killer organic squash, peaches, spinach, berries, and more. Plus, treat yourself—at a discount! Just enter code Newcust30 at checkout for a 30% off your first box! Newleaf Natural, 1261 West Loyola Avenue; 773-743-0400.
4. Ripe Organics
Ripe Organics is a small, family-owned and operated organic produce delivery service. Ripe Organics will let you customize your deliveries by opting out of specific fruits or veggies that you don’t care for. Don’t bring us turnips please, thanks. Ripe Organics takes their mission from start to finish, and recycles as much of their packing and delivery materials as possible, so make sure to leave your used box outside the day your new order arrives. Genius.
5. Abe's Market
One can't live on fruits and veggies alone. We can't wash our hair with peas and carrots if you know what we mean. For the best organic beauty product offerings in Chicago, try Abe's Market. Abe's online store carries an impressive list of beauty and skin care products. We're guessing quite a few items in the collection will be brand new to readers, and our own must-try lists are miles long. Abe's also carries organic chocolates (yes please), plus green cleaning products, eco-friendly toys, and natural pet care items.

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