Your Weekly Hate/Like: Cat Videos

Nobody knows how many minutes, how many hours, or how many lives days have been lost to cat videos, but I know I'll never get them back. Would I want to? The clips are impossible to resist — what with their promise of fur and smoosh and clumsiness — but then, like all things, they end. And, often with a blah. I am then forced to take a good hard look at my reflection in the black screen and ask, "Was it worth it?" But, if you have to ask...
Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I expected too much from cats called Surprised Kitty, Drunk Kitty, or even Grumpy Cat. I want them to solve my happiness deficit, to make my day better, and sometimes, they do. But, what is happiness but a moment before you need more happiness (Don Draper, though it's often attributed to every cat ever)? We all need more happiness. And, cats need to make videos (they do!), so maybe we just need to accept the time lost, turn down the inevitable terrible music, and show some gratitude. After all, they made it for us.

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