Breastaurant Uniforms: Some Call Them Skimpy, We Call Them Ugly

We realize that local sports pub The Tilted Kilt has recently caught some hell over the less-than-large uniforms their waitresses wear. There are obvious arguments here, the waitresses are all adults who are fully capable of deciding what to put on their bodies, and anyone who doesn't like it does not have to frequent a restaurant called The Tilted Kilt (of all things). What we'd like to focus on is the one thing bursting forth from the computer screen that no one seems to address: These uniforms are ugly! At least the Hooters girls get to skip about in retro-cut hotpants in the world's only flattering shade of bright-orange. These poor darlings have to bring you beer looking like misguided eight-year-olds in 1998. Only Britney Spears can get away with that, and even then she barely did. Come on guys, you've got tartan fabric to work with, do it a little justice, eh? Lose the farm girl cropped cardi, and for heaven's sake make pigtails against company policy. We're not talking about anyone's cleavage until you correct this. Got it? (HuffPo)
Photo via The Tilted Kilt.

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