Genius Beauty Buy: Our Fave Tinted Moisturizer Happens To Be Ultra Cheap

We admit it: We're powerless when it comes to cheap beauty buys. We actually have to ban ourselves from the beauty aisle during routine drugstore runs — it's the equivalent of grocery shopping on an empty stomach. So, you can bet we were pretty stoked when we discovered our new go-to tinted moisturizer on the shelf at Target.
We've been diehard fans of Boots No7 since our first visit to the U.K. pharmacy chain (talk about a moment of zen!), and the Soft & Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is the newest addition to our regimen of must-haves. Ringing up at less than $12, the formula is light and breathable, and doesn't leave our already-dry skin parched by the end of the day. It's available in three shades, and we don't feel the least bit guilty about scooping up two (you know, one for our current pasty state, and one to use after we get a little summer glow).

Boots No7 Soft & Sheer Tinted Moisturizer, $11.99, available at Target.

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