Drink On A Dime At Miami's 10 Best Dive Bars

Nothing ruins an evening out quite like the next morning's overdraft fees. From the expensive cocktails to the dinner that cost an arm and a leg, we know how much a credit card can suffer in just one night. With all the glitz and glamour, sometimes it's good to know where you can find an icy cold brew without the fuss.
So skip the spend-y Saturday evening plans and opt for a budget-friendly bar that'll still serve up stiff sips. That's right, we're encouraging you to hit up a dive! We'd never lead you to a watering hole that didn't have our seal of approval, which is why we dug deep in the city for some classic, off-the-beaten-track suds spots.
After many canned beers and avoided fist fights, we're proud to present our lush list of local joints worth diving into. We promise they're not covered in a thin layer of grime and not all of the barstools are held together by duct tape — each one has character and is sure to provide great stories come Sunday morning brunch!
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This smoky dive is no longer a secret, but it's still hard to find, with an alleyway speakeasy-like entrance that is only known to insiders. Once inside, you'll be surprised to find a sports bar rather than an upscale joint, and while Foxhole still boasts flatscreen TVs, it's a welcome alternative to the South Beach club scene.

Foxhole, 1218 14th Court; 305-534-3511.

Photo: Courtesy of Foxhole
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The Abbey Brewing Company

A little Botox here, a full bar over there...looks like The Abbey just got a major facelift. With a brand-spankin' new interior that’s more than twice as large as it once was, you'd think it would be in danger of no longer being considered a “dive.” But after much debate, we're keeping this bar/brewery on the list. After all, it’s a facelift of the best kind; still recognizable, but prettier.

The Abbey Brewing Company, 1115 16th Street (between Lincoln Lane South and Lenox Avenue); 305-538-8110.

Photo: Courtesy of The Abbey
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Nothing's consistent at Churchill’s, except that everything is always changing. A giant mural of Churchill on the exterior wall greets you and beyond that, it’s pretty hard to guess what’s going on indoors. One day there may be a showcase of cover bands, the next a soccer match on the TVs with hooligans cheering along. Churchill’s is a staple, appealing to hipsters and regulars both. If you’ve never been, pop in and see what trouble you can get in.

Churchill’s, 5501 NE 2nd Avenue (at NE 55th Street); 305-757-1807.

Photo: Via Churchill's
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Fox’s Sherron Inn

If you grew up driving past Fox’s thinking it was a strip-club, you weren’t alone. Not only is it a much-revered watering hole, but a liquor store with a ventanita! Plus, the jukebox stops at around 1960, so you're sure to hear groovy tunes while waiting for your brews.

Fox’s Sherron Inn, 6030 South Dixie Highway; 305-661-9201.

Photo: Via Flickr/karri72
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Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road was granted the first liquor license in Miami in 1912, and still remains a great place to get your drink on. Home of the city’s best happy hour, Friday nights feature plenty of UM Med School students while the $2 drinks keep locals happy. Enough said.

Tobacco Road, 626 S Miami Ave (between SE 6th Street and SW 7th Street); 305-374-1198.

Photo: Courtesy of Tobacco Road
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Lost and Found Saloon

Lost and Found Saloon serves beer, wine, and tasty (vegetarian friendly!) Tex-Mex food that’s not really fair to call bar food. It’s got that Wynwood vibe; one block abandoned warehouses, the next a foodie bar. The scene is just as typically Wynwood. There are locals looking to get a little loose and skinny-jean-Alice Dellal types grabbing brews and burritos.

Lost and Found Saloon, 185 NW 36th Street (at NW 2nd Avenue); 305-576-1008.

Photo: Via Lost And Found Saloon
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The Bar

Miami is always about having the newest, chicest, and freshest, which is why why places like The Bar are so cherished. Established in 1946, this Coral Gables dive features a mix of after work happy hour fans loosening their ties, karaoke enthusiasts on Tuesdays, and a craft brew crowd. And hands-down, the two-for-one on Mondays is the best deal in the Gables. Hit up The Bar and kick it old school, Miami-style.

The Bar, 172 Giralda Avenue; 305-442-2730

Photos: Courtesy of The Bar
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Barracuda Raw Bar & Grill

Play some beer pong or darts while chomping on some wings under the glow of taxidermy fish and arcade games. Truly Barracuda is a casual, late-night dive bar. In a hood full of student haunts and beer-soaked floors, Barracuda’s extensive beer list and killer juke has made it a long time staple. This is one tiny dive, but if you’re looking for a rowdy time and a little healthy competition with your friends (well, maybe healthy isn’t the right word…), Barracuda is your place.

Barracuda Raw Bar & Grill, 3035 Fuller Street; 305-448-1144.

Photo: Courtesy of Barracuda
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Mac’s Club Deuce Bar

When Anthony Bourdain visits Miami, he heads right to Mac’s Club Deuce for a drink at a dark local hole with a jukebox and pooltable. Last call is around 4:45 AM, so you’re sure to hear your jukebox picks (from your iPhone. Technology rocks!) before the night morning ends. Grab a sandwich or taco from across the street and bring it in to munch on while you drink at what’s all around regarded as Miami’s best dive. Just ask Anthony Bourdain.

Mac’s Club Deuce Bar, 222 14th Street; 305-531-6200.

Photo: Courtesy of Yelp
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Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern

Bougainvillea’s, or Bougie’s as it’s more commonly called, is a little cottage surrounded by, you guessed it, bougainvilleas in the middle of South Miami. From the outside, it doesn’t quite fit in across from 100 Montaditos and neighboring a baby boutique — but inside you’ll find what a good ol’ Florida neighborhood tavern used to look like. Bougie’s is a favorite for a bunch of different crowds: the older set, those looking to score really cheap brews, and a couple of professionals hoping to blow off steam after work.

Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern, 7221 SW 58th Ave;(305) 669-8577.

Photography: Courtesy of Bourgainvilla's/Javier A. Ruiz

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