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5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 09 2011

The owners of popular gallery/party spot 111 Minna are turning the space into an Italian restaurant during the day. (Tablehopper)
And if the thought of Italian food didn’t whet your appetite, this roundup of six incredible (and local!) ice cream sundaes should do the trick. (Serious Eats)
Now something that might turn your stomach... It seems that San Francisco is the 10th most bed bug-ridden city in the country. Ewww. (SFist)
No matter, Bath & Body Works CEO Diane Neal is still moving this way, leaving her post at the homewares giant and possibly heading to Charlotte Russe. (WWD)
Take a look at local rockstar Steve Jobs share his proposal for an expanded, revamped, space age-y new Apple campus to the Cupertino City Council. (YouTube)

Photo: Flickr