5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 22 2011

Say cheese! Check out these five fine local dishes featuring the ooey-gooey stuff of the artisan variety. (City's Best San Francisco)
And, since cheese and beer go hand-in-hand, here's a roundup of S.F.'s best gastropubs. (The Bold Italic)
There's a local dude who's trying to eat at every restaurant in town. Also, fun fact: S.F. has the highest restaurant per capita rate in the U.S. (Grub Street San Francisco)
We've already told you about Levi's new super-durable Commuter jeans collection. Now see them in action. (YouTube)
The New York Times explores the mash-up of the food and music scenes in San Francsico. (NY Times)

Photo: Facebook/Monk's Kettle

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