Behold Benny Gold’s Shiny-New Backpack For Jansport

Ever since Benny of Benny Gold jumped off the corporate hamster wheel and opened up his art-slash-skate-centric outpost, it's had a strong hold on Bay Area fashion. One could even argue the shop's got the Midas touch, turning everything it sells into a man's most-wanted item. With shirts, kicks, and accessories that could easily excite anyone from a skateboarder to a graphic designer, these golden looks have certainly got merit.
To add to its already-rich portfolio, the 16th Street store recently teamed up with Jansport to create a backpack that combines Jansport's practicality with Benny Gold's deep roots in art, design, and skateboarding. The brand-new backpack (which you can score for $120!) is a stylish addition to your daily routine that will leave you wondering how you lived so long without it. Don't believe us? Just check out this lookbook and prepare to have your knapsack earth shook.
Photo: Courtesy of Benny Gold

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