Go Straight From Work To Play With These 11 Beauty Essentials

If you plan dates or nights out with the girls, during the week, you've probably done this at least once: squinted into the mirror in your office bathroom, blinking under the fluorescent lights and kicking yourself for forgetting concealer, eyeliner, a rich lipcolor, or the like. We know! Going out straight from work can cause the kind of stress that sometimes makes you want to bail on your plans and hide out at home. But what you need, to remedy that inclination for hibernation, is one souped-up makeup kit that has everything you need for an insta-makeover — something to boost flat tresses, clean up smudged makeup, and make you feel fresh as a daisy after a long day at the office. Think of it as your Clark Kent-to-Superman beauty transition kit — only these products are so awesome, you're not going to want to keep them a secret.

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