The Barrelhouse Flat Shows Off Your New Spring Indulgence

As much as we love cozying up to a classic Old Fashioned, swaddled in our best knits and boots, it's like, spring now. We need a new wardrobe, new plans, and new cocktails. The Barrelhouse Flat gets it, and in the spirit of the changing seasons, this instantly essential Chicago spot is rolling out a new menu (food and drinks) for spring. On our radar? The Dandy Lion, a mix of gin, muddled cucumber, absinthe (haaay), and lemon juice. Try and tell us you don't want to spend your whole summer sipping that on a patio. You can't, can you? No. Pair it with Escargot Fries, topped with garlic, parsley, and parmesan, and you've got the perfect "I worked really hard today" treat. Quittin' time is in about six hours, calm down. There's plenty for all of us.
The Barrelhouse Flat, 2624 North Lincoln Avenue (between Sheffield & Wrightwood Avenues); 773-857-0421.
Photo: Courtesy of XA PR

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